We believe great brands are rooted in good design.

We are creative thinkers who love collaborating with disruptive companies to solve their brand needs. Coming from the startup world ourselves, we understand the complexity of launching a brand and the need for an approachable, ownable identity without losing focus on the intimate customer interaction. 

With over a decade of experience defining brands and leading teams at Birchbox, Thrillist, and JackThreads, we have defined and managed brand identities, product launches, fast-paced marketing campaigns, and all customer-facing experiences. We have the unique knowledge of how a startup runs and skyrockets from the inside, and can craft a brand and product experience to match the originality of each experience.

We believe brands—at every stage—can delight their customers in a variety of ways. We are committed to finding unique moments to connect, differentiate, and provide memorable experiences.

Our Services

We offer a full range of brand consultancy and design services, spanning from digital needs to physical products.

How We Work

Here at Communal, we practice a holistic design approach that considers both the customer and the brand equally. Our in-house backgrounds have made us well-versed in direct-to-consumer experiences—we consider the customer at every stage of the process. We merge deep strategic thinking with high-level design exploration, all with a results-driven mentality. We aren't just here to make pretty pictures; we're here to create greatness for brands and consumers. 

We consider every brand touchpoint, from sign-up flow and interactive play to the physical delivery and tangible delight. We know that thoughtful choices, passionate exploration, and unique behavioral insights all manifest into key differentiators. We believe in designing for the undefined and future happiness of each company's customer.


Recent Work