Who Gives A Crap makes eco-friendly toilet paper, with a portion of profits used to build toilets for regions in need. After launching with success in Australia, the brand decided to expand to the US and UK. We partnered with WGAC to help update the brand’s visual system to achieve a global reach. To retain the WGAC’s quirky persona, we played with custom illustrations, expressive new shapes, and an unexpected color palette. The resulting packaging experience ups the delight factor while sustaining the brand’s quirky, lovable persona.


Packaging System
Print Collateral
Visual Identity


Gregory Reid – Photography

Custom patterns, humorous illustrations, and a vibrant color story give new life to a beloved brand.

Logo variation

To give the brand some room to flex in application, we created several different logo lockups.


Playful shapes and organic compositions allow each roll to stand alone, while also creating a collective effect on-shelf.

Custom shapes are woven through the digital experience to add personality and color.