Twist creates smart home lighting using a wireless LED light bulb. We partnered with the brand to create a unique packaging experience as smart as the bulbs inside. A rich purple color palette stands out in the tech space, while playful illustrations add personality and warmth to Twist’s offering. Each box is finished in a luxurious soft-touch paper, adding a tactile element to the unboxing experience. These design moments translate into a system that houses the one, two, and three-bulb packs.

In 2020, Twist earned a spot in The Dieline’s Top 50 Package Designs of the Decade.


Packaging System
Print Collateral


Kent Rogowski – Photography

Structure Design

The product reveal journey is mapped by rich brand colors, playful illustrations, and a unique product display with a footprint that doubles in size once opened.

Attention to materials was key in final execution, with each box finished in a soft-touch paper, creating a unique hand-feel for those opening, and spot varnish moments to add visual depth to the branding and text.

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