Founded by ABC News anchor Dan Harris, Ten Percent Happier is a top player in the meditation space. The brand has a subscription mobile app featuring guided meditations, talks, and courses, with a clever, down-to-earth tone that remains realistic about what meditation can (and can’t) achieve. We partnered with Ten Percent to evolve the brand identity for a modernized look and feel that retains its unique character, while appealing to a wider audience. With its new manifesto and tagline, Ten Percent Happier focuses on the benefits of meditation while retaining its playful edge. Airy visuals brighten up the brand and highlight how meditation fits into daily life.


Art Direction
Brand Voice
Site Experience
Visual Identity


Bill Gentle – Photography
Mariana Velasquez – Styling
Annie Caruso – Wardrobe
Louis Wesolowsky — Illustration

brand manifesto

What would it feel like if you worried 10% less? If you laughed 10% more, had 10% more energy, or felt 10% more connected to the people you cared about? Meditation has the power to get you there. And that seemingly-modest 10% adds up over time. We know that life will never be perfect. (And it’s guaranteed to get messy sometimes). Meditation helps us navigate the chaos by making us calmer, kinder, and less yanked around by our emotions, no matter what’s going on around us. Science suggests that happiness is a skill, one that meditation makes us better at. True to our name, we don’t promise the moon. We do promise small but meaningful improvements to your mood. If that sounds good to you, 10% is the place to start.

Ten Percent Happier. Get better at feeling good.

The voice and visuals combine to retain Ten Percent’s realistic, down-to-earth approach while conveying the benefits of meditation.