Ten Percent Happier

Evolving a meditation brand for a wider audience.

Ten Percent Happier

  • Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Voice
  • Art Direction
  • Site Experience

Founded by ABC News anchor Dan Harris, Ten Percent Happier is a top player in the meditation space. The brand has a subscription mobile app featuring guided meditations, talks, and courses. We partnered with them to evolve the brand identity for an updated look and feel that retains their unique character. Ten Percent Happier has a clever, down-to-earth style, and they are realistic about what meditation can (and can’t) accomplish in our lives. We made sure to convey that realism through their updated voice and visuals.

We simplified the original brand mark and expanded the system to create facial icons that reflect the wide range of human emotions.

The photography and styling are focused on the benefits of meditation in real-life environments.

The voice retains its realistic, down-to-earth edge while conveying the benefits of meditation.

From the app to the homepage, a light and fresh look captures how meditation makes us feel.

Photo: Bill Gentle