To develop its product line, beauty brand Rayna Collective partnered with a diverse coalition of South Asian women to address their top beauty concerns. Designed for the nuances of medium to dark skin tones, Rayna is a brand for the modern, multicultural woman. Working closely with the Rayna team, we developed a brand identity that expresses the diverse and inclusive DNA of Rayna. The manifesto reflects the brand’s collective spirit, while the visuals take inspiration from traditional South Asian design, architecture, and cultural elements.


Brand Strategy
Brand Voice
Product Design
Visual Identity


Gregory Reid – Photography

Brand Manifesto

We live all over the world. And we know that radiance comes in every shade. When we join together, we’re a force for change—in the beauty world, and beyond. With ingredients that draw on our heritage, we celebrate what comes naturally and feel at home in our own skin. And while we embrace different styles, moods, cultures, and languages, we’re united by a common belief: we are beautiful. And together, we’re unstoppable.

Rayna Collective. Many faces. One spirit

Lifestyle photography highlights natural and botanical elements. Turmeric, a popular South Asian spice, is a key ingredient in Rayna’s formula and is used throughout the imagery.


We created custom icons inspired by South Asian architecture, with unique curves and symmetry.

Packaging Design

Bright color blocking

Who Gives a Crap

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