Poly & Co

Designing a contemporary brand for a progressive marketing company.

Poly & Co

  • Branding + Identity
  • Site Design

Poly & Co is a results-driven digital agency in New York with a unique authority in today's marketing and e-commerce trends. We partnered with the Poly & Co team to craft an identity and site experience to match their expertise.

Poly & Co's identity is crafted with modern letterforms and an impactful color story.

With saturated colors, graphic treatments and a new brand style, Poly & Co now sits apart from competitors and connects with their core audience.

Photo credit: Kent Rogowski

The Communal team is a perfect fit! They surpassed our expectations not only with the end result but also with their level of craft and expertise. Their pursuit of transforming an idea into something tangible is unlike any other agency.

Jamie Lund, Founder + CEO
Poly & Co