Creating a modern, memorable brand for a disruptor in the pet food space.




Pet Food


Branding + Identity
Art Direction
Site Design
Print + Packaging
Environmental Design 

In this day and age, we’re all very familiar with the type of food we put into our bodies—but are we as aware of what we feed our pets? At Ollie, a better life starts with better food: human-grade, all natural, good-for-you dog food.

After researching competitors in the pet food space, we realized that the market is saturated with the same type of brand language—organic textures and colors, promises of natural ingredients, and constant comparisons to wolves. We knew that personality would be a key differentiator in the visual identity, pairing it with transparency and a new point-of-view. Partnering with the Ollie team, we created a custom wordmark that evoked the warm, friendly vibe that is identifiable at the company’s core, pairing it with a modern, graphic visual language. We then set to work implementing these bold and vibrant elements over numerous touchpoints, from digital experiences to packaging executions. The final identity system sets Ollie apart from their competitors.