Mosaic is bringing frozen food into the 21st century with a line of wholesome and delicious meals delivered to your doorstep. Working closely with the Mosaic team, we set out to create a brand identity that captures the thoughtfulness and care of their cooking process. Harkening back to the brand name, hand-painted custom tiles give Mosaic an ownable element that captures the way each dish incorporates many different ingredients. A custom wordmark and earthy color palette convey the natural and simple ethos, while vivid lifestyle photography shows how Mosaic fits seamlessly into a modern lifestyle.


Art Direction
Brand Strategy
Brand Voice
Content Creation
Visual Identity


Henry Hargreaves – Photography
Caitlin Levin – Stylist

Brand Manifesto

For too long, frozen food has been stuck in the ice age. It’s bland. It’s mushy. 
And it’s loaded with processed junk you don’t need in your diet. You can’t beat it for convenience, but someone needed to come along and bring frozen into the 21st century. After hundreds of test-drives in our home kitchens, we came up with these simple-yet-satisfying recipes. We added everything we love—crisp and juicy veggies, hearty grains, craveable sauces so tangy and delicious, you’ll want to drizzle them over every bite—and left out all the yucky stuff that gives frozen a bad rap. Gone are the days of icicle-covered meat and potatoes. (Good riddance.) We offer all the convenience of frozen, plus outstanding quality that brings the freshness of the farm to your table. Meet your new favorite no-cook meal.

Mosaic. Frozen done fresh.

ingredient photography

Mosaic’s fresh ingredients with beautiful natural colors speak for themselves. As such, we kept the ingredient photography pared back, simple and bright.

Custom, hand-painted tiles appear throughout the product photography to create an arresting graphic texture while tying together the brand name and product.

Bright and airy lifestyle photography showcases the brand in real-life settings — marrying convenience with delicious, wholesome meals.