Lina provides beautiful, affordable coworking space to doctors, wellness professionals, and health startups. Our challenge was to craft a brand identity that channeled Lina’s greater healthcare mission while maintaining a highly professional tone, engaging both healthcare professionals and prospective patients. With Lina’s new tagline, “Practice here for good”, we captured the brand’s desire to empower private practice and improve healthcare for everyone. Lina is not only a place for practitioners to start a new practice, but a place to stay for the long haul. And for patients, walking into a Lina location should elicit the feeling you are in good hands.


Art Direction
Brand Strategy
Brand Voice
Content Creation
Site Design
Visual Identity


Tory Williams - Photography
Annie Caruso - Styling

brand manifesto

Our healthcare system is hurting. As overhead expenses rocket ever-higher and healthcare gets consolidated by large corporations, the private practice needs a champion. Lina is that champion.

We’re making the private practice viable again by creating the space, community, and support for practitioners to thrive. Lina stands with you and the people you care for, with the goal of delivering the best experience for all.

Lina. Practice here for good.

From brand colors to subtle home accents, we worked with Lina to help bring the brand to life inside its physical space, creating a cohesive feel in which coworking meets healthcare.


The photography features moments of healing that emphasize the importance of human connection between practitioners and patients.

Practitioner Portraits

The photography also captures moments of practitioners at work, showing the versatility of the space.


To add a little personality to the brand, we created custom linear illustrations representing the services and amenities that set Lina apart.

In the digital experience, the photography shows both practitioners and the spaces in which they work, for a vibe of approachable authority.