Lalo makes modern, quality essentials for new parents to be, with the belief that the job of parenting should be more important than the task of shopping for it. Before Lalo, the experience of shopping for a baby stroller left much to be desired: strollers are costly, they come in giant boxes, and they are a beast to assemble. We partnered with Lalo to create a packaging system as elevated and refreshingly simple as its products. We wanted to bring to life a fun, hands-on unboxing experience to give new parents a sense of joy during a time that can often feel stressful and overwhelming.


Print Collateral


Gregory Reid - Photographer
Lalo – Lifestyle Photography

We created a packaging system that features bright and playful details married with tactile accents, to make unboxing a joy.

To make Lalo feel approachable, recognizable, and stand out among its competitors, we incorporated stylized illustrations throughout the packaging experience.

Package Design

Branded packing tape crafted in Lalo’s signature tangerine hue and printed with its cute hippo illustration hints at what’s next to come in the unboxing experience.

Unboxing Experience

By weaving the brand’s color into a bold yet refined pattern on the box’s interior, customers are welcomed to the Lalo experience with a sense of warmth and elevated playfulness.

Inspired by storybooks, our instruction manual injects fun into the assembly process, with custom illustrations and simple, easy-to-follow steps—leaving something fun for kids to flip through when it’s all put together.

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