Juniper Square

Developing a modern brand for an innovative real estate software company.

Juniper Square

  • Branding + Identity
  • Strategy
  • Illustration
  • Site Design
  • Print Collateral

Partnering with the Juniper Square team, we crafted a modern and innovative brand to highlight the enterprise software’s industry impact. The challenge was to make a B2B product feel B2C through an approachable consumer identity and a brand strategy that reinforces the values of partnership and innovation.

With the real estate industry know for its traditional, outdated experiences, we opted for a bright and vibrant primary hue and a streamlined sans-serif logomark to modernize and differentiate Juniper Square.

Juniper Square's site experience is rooted in brand storytelling and product education, focusing on content and features.

Our illustrations embody the key brand attributes, providing an easy way to communicate product features and build brand affinity.

Photo credit: Kent Rogowski

Working with the Communal team was truly a pleasure, and we are incredibly happy with the results they delivered.

Alex Robinson, Co-Founder and CEO
Juniper Square