Designing an experience that brings people together the old-fashioned way.


  • Branding + Identity
  • Strategy
  • Illustration
  • App UI
  • Site Design

With the idea that today’s dating apps fall short of fostering real connections, Hotline provides a unique matching service with an old-fashioned twist—talking on the phone. Based on a more expressive social profile that allows for easy talking points, the connection comes to life when you make that first call.

The Hotline branding utilizes a bold yet retro aesthetic, expressive of the old-meets-new strategy of a modern app with a traditional method of communication.

Inspired by the Bauhaus era—as well as contemporary dating cues—we crafted a brand that is both expressive and memorable.

Hotline's user interface is sleek and intuitive, with way-finding illustrations and a color-coded system to make editing and uploading easy.

Photo credit: Kent Rogowski