Haven Row

Designing a new do-anything sauce to revolutionize family mealtime.

Haven Row

  • Art Direction
  • Packaging Design
  • Illustration System

With a mission to make meals more delicious, Haven Row’s veggie sauces are packed with all natural organic ingredients and rich flavors. Launching with both an on-shelf presence and direct-to-consumer convenience, we focused on bringing the brand to life through a packaging system and brand photography. We crafted a custom illustrative packaging style that celebrates the vibrant and versatile sauces, while using photography to capture the texture of mealtime. Pairing real families with real meals, the Haven Row brand shines.

The photography celebrates the craft of mealtime made effortless by Haven Row. Using real food and brand recipes, the vivid sauces and delectable dishes came to life.

Photo Credit: Lauren Volo & Gregory Reid / Stylist Credit: Mariana Velasquez