Coterie offers elevated, design-forward party supplies for almost any occasion. More sophisticated than Party City and more accessible than rented tableware, Coterie centers on the idea that parties are about the act of coming together, and not about perfection. Working closely with the Coterie team from inception through launch and beyond, we crafted a brand identity that captures the joy of throwing a party (sans stress), crafting a name, strategy, and visual and voice identities to match. We let the people, not perfection idea inform the visuals, with cultivated yet imperfect party scenes. An elegant color story, gold-foil accents, and a delicate, editorial-inspired wordmark further elevate Coterie into a category of its own.


Art Direction
Brand Voice
Print Collateral
Product Design
Site Design
Visual Identity


Lauren Volo – Photography
Gregory Reid – Photography
Mariana Velasquez - Stylist

Brand Manifesto

We believe that if you put three or more friends in a room together and add a bottle of bubbly, you have a party. And we’re here to make those occasions happen more often and more easily than ever. For anyone who’s fantasized about getting friends together but hasn’t yet found the time, we did the hard work for you by collecting everything you’ll need. We believe that spills, smudges, and imperfections are the mark of a party well- thrown, and there shouldn’t be any pressure to get all the details exactly right. We believe in spending more time on your guest list than on your napkin choices, because after all, the people are what make the party. We’re just here to help you feed them and fête them until the bottles run dry.

Coterie. More good times.

Product Imagery

We shot our product imagery to inspire a feeling of being in-the-moment—mid-party, surrounded by laughter, celebration, and just a touch of chaos.

Product Design

We designed bespoke plates, cups, and napkins for the brand. Gold brushstrokes capture the elegant yet imperfect character of Coterie.

To bring the brand’s tagline, __More Good Times__, to life, we designed the site to feature a series of mid-action party shots, with animated illustrations and GIFs evoking a celebratory spirit.