Bundle creates durable, thoughtfully designed bean bag chairs at a fair price, made from 100% recycled mattress foam. We partnered with Bundle to create a brand identity that makes a statement among its competitors. Unlike many furniture brands that present a tranquil guise centered around the idea of comfort, we created a brand that’s peppy and upbeat with a penchant for witty asides. Bundle’s bean bag chairs fit seamlessly into the modern consumer’s home, and can be easily transported from room-to-room. For that reason, we wanted to evoke a sense of fun and freedom as well as the pure joy that comes from plopping into a bean bag at the end of a long day.


Art Direction
Brand Voice
Visual Identity


Bundle - Photography

Brand Manifesto

Life is more fun when we make room for the things we enjoy most. Which is why we create flexible seating that’s easy to arrange how you want it, when you want it. Our premium bean bag is designed with care and up for anything (and anyone). It’s soft. It’s squishy. And it’s eminently portable. With fabrics that invite people in, and durable details that make it easy to clean up after they leave, our bean bags are both practical and oh-so- comfortable. So go ahead—toss them in a corner, or roll them out when you have company. Get ready to rediscover your easiest seating option of all time.

Bundle. Circle Up.


To describe product attributes in a playful way, we combined brand voice moments with bold typography and illustrations to create colorful custom stickers.


Harkening back to 90s toy nostalgia, the bold and bubbly wordmark evokes a sense of childhood cheerfulness.


Lifestyle photography shows people of all ages interacting with the products to show the feelings of joy and fun that come from plopping into a bean bag.


We featured the products in big color moments to add an element of playful wonder to the product imagery.

Championing the most comfortable seat of all time, Bundle encapsulates the fun and freedom of the product in a fresh, bold and unique way.