Boll & Branch is an ethically-driven luxury linen company, focused on creating products that both feel good and do good. Two years after launching, we partnered with the brand to enhance its direct-to-consumer experience, further captivating its environmentally conscious audience. Working closely with the Boll & Branch team, we concentrated on refreshing and evolving the existing brand. With new art direction and photography along with a custom wordmark, we captured the brand’s ethos of uncompromised luxury, mixing classic and modern touches for a timeless feel.


Visual Identity
Art Direction
Print Collateral


Gregory Reid – Photography
Margaret Ward – Stylist
Paulie Fey – Stylist

We focused on refreshing and evolving the direct-to-consumer experience, creating an impression of approachable luxury.

Logo Design

Using custom letterforms, we created a new wordmark that maintains the brand’s elevated feel in a fresh way.

Packaging Experience

The luxury experience continues with sleek packaging that’s a delight to open.

Fresh art direction and photography highlight the products in a stylized setting that’s both simple and inviting.